Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Workin' for the Weekend, and New Cosplay Drop

Happy end of the year!  My updates have become sporadic, because I've been putting in a lot of hours at Whole Foods.  It's okay, I guess.  One of the best aspects has been exposure to a really wide variety of wine and spirits, which is great because I signed up for the Court of Masters sommelier course.  Also, I won the work raffle for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, a high-end whiskey that can retail for a grand or two.  (I plan to crack it open on my birthday.)

I also got to crack open a 65-pound, $1,000 wheel of Parmesan Reggiano cheese.


But the real reason I work (the real reason anyone works, actually) is to get a bit of extra cash to work on my cosplays.  I have long wanted to do a Silver Age Bucky Barnes, and I finally managed it!  


 (Reference pic.)

I knew that I had done a good job when the best darn Night Crawler I've ever seen approached me at L.A. Comic Con and said I was the best darn Bucky he'd ever seen, and could we get some pictures. 

Below are a few more.


Above, my first time wearing it at SF Fan Expo in November... I forgot the belt, but made a new friend named Robert who does Captain America at Cons and at AIDS LifeCycle!)



Classic Cap!


Modern Cap!  This guy definitely stole the show!