Welcome to the my wishlist page! Although I know it seems a bit greedy to suggest I want things (gasp!), let's be honest, we all want things, and there's nothing worse than trying to buy a gift for someone and having them refuse to tell you what they want.  Like most people, I'm pretty bad at telling people what I want at the drop of a hat, so I've cataloged all the things I'd be happy to receive, and that way I can reference this every time I get a barrage of "what'd-you-want-for-your-birthday"s.

If you're here from RedditGifts, congrats on being a huge freaking stalker.  PM me on Reddit and send me a picture of a dog (any dog at all, though a drawing would be extra-special even if you're not very good at drawing), and I'll buy you a month of gold.  No joke.

Let me conclude this page by adding that, in the past, people have told me that I'm difficult to buy for.  But the truth is, if you are the kind of person who actually read through this page because you are trying to get me the perfect gift, you've already succeeded.  It's the thought that counts and I love nearly everything I receive.  So don't sweat it, and thank you for being such a thoughtful gifter!

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