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Hello there, weary internet traveller!  If you're new here and a little lost, then you might find the following page phenomenally helpful.  Or not, because it's woefully dated and I refuse to update it regularly.  Hashtag sorry not sorry.

Just kidding.  I really do try to update regularly.

Although my blog is a personal record of my misadventures, I also strive to make it entertaining to strangers and accessible to those who may not know me very well. But, context is everything; you can't be expected to get it unless you get me first. So on this page, in simple list form, I have summarised my person for your benefit.

"Nothing he did or said was quite what he meant, 
but still his life could be called a monument, 
shaped in a slant of available light and 
set to the movement of possible music."

But where are my manners?  I haven't even introduced myself yet.  Hi, my friends call me Tony, and you're reading my blog's summary page! My blog is a fanciful adventure into the mind of a biologist, writer, comedian, Marvel geek extraordinaire, and recovering alcoholic! I attempt to make my musings funny to justify their existence (and sometimes, I even succeed). Although admittedly I also use humor as a tool behind which I hide my existential angst and bigger disgust toward humanity. If you're not familiar with existentialism, you should brush up on it a bit. All the cool kids are doing it.  Makin' memes and stuff.

I've been described as eccentric, eclectic, and “pathologically honest,” although I don't think that last one was meant to be a compliment.

If you like pigeon-holing people then you might be interested to know that my Myers-Briggs test informed me that I'm an INTJ-type person.  While I don't put much stock in these types of personality tests, the truth is that it's eerily accurate and I don't disagree with anything about me or how I think on the page that explains it.

In case you're wondering what I look like, here's a random picture of me:

In the interest of journalistic integrity, I chose a picture in which I am clearly drunk and look like a living embodiment of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes going through a real rough puberty.

A biography would likely be long and tedious, so instead, here are the facts neatly listed, and from them you are welcome to draw your own conclusions.

I'm 32 years old and have a B.S. in biology.  I used to be a proper research scientist but now I'm a writer.  (Or, as my husband calls it, "funemployed.")

That's right, I'm married to the dork in the collage up there.  I live with Andy, as well as two dogs named Seamus, and Ruby, and a kitten named Mabel that Andrew begrudgingly tolerates. Plus a lizard named Domingo.  Our most recent addition is a baby, Calvin, who was born on December 15th, 2019.

My personal heroes include Emmeline Pankhurst, Astro Teller, Red Pollard, Buddha, Tony Stark, Torey Hayden, Liz Lemon from the show 30 Rock.  More than one person has told me I'm like a twink version of Pam Poovey from Archer.  Again, not sure if that's a compliment or not.

My hobbies include reading, crossword puzzles, crafts in general (especially crochet, shut up, I'm not a ninety-year-old woman, you're a ninety-year-old woman), adventure-having, restoring classic animals (seriously, fixing up broken animals is my jam), fiddling around with my motorcycle as if I know what I'm doing, RedditGifts gift exchanges, playing D&D, board games, writing fiction, cracking jokes, swimming, making and maintaining terrariums, neglecting my blog, and resisting alcohol's sweet Siren call.

My most likely downfall is a tragic and avoidable accident following the damning, fateful, and all too ironic words: "I have not had too much to drink.  Look what I can do!"

Welp, I think that just about sums me all up.

Having moved to California in December of 2012, part of what I want this blog to do is record the ways in which my life evolves and grows.  Whatever happens, my blog is along for the ride and, if you follow it, you are too!  Happy reading!  (And congrats if you've already made it this far.)

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