Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Watch me transition into a 1950s used car salesman!

Just for fun, this post will explore my chameleon-like ability to go from "Disney Princess" to "vaguely Steve Buscemi."  I'm not saying I'm the best drag king... but I clean up okay.


Step 1: Julie has the long pretty blonde hair befitting an Asgardian godking.

It went down to about my elbows (as seen in this picture of me pretending to get mugged by Master Chief).

Step 2: Julie cuts off the hair.  (And donates it to Locks of Love or Wigs for Kids.  If you have long hair and you're lobbing it off, DONATE IT.)

I was a little shell-shocked initially.  I got over it and went back to being cool though.

Step 3:  I had to tame out my natural middle part so that I could move the part to the left.  It took about a week and a TON of hair product.  During this time everyone kept calling me Slim Shady and Calvin.  I spent a lot of time in pool halls during this period.

Step 4: Dye that hair!

Step 4.5: Cultivate an ATTITUDE.

Step 5: Facial hair, sideburns, and a little bit of heaviness added to the eyebrows using Hollywood magic and a $5 mascara brush.

Congratulations!  Now I look different!

Here's the before and after!

Oh and I also I got engaged.

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