Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Phase 4 is Awesome So Far: Recap of Falcon and the Winter Soldider Trailer

I've been a fan of Marvel for decades, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving!  WandaVision has blown me away; it took two characters I didn't care much about and it really fleshed them out (or, in Vision's case, synthezoided them out).

As WandaVision wraps up next month, Falcon and the Winter Soldier will take its place.  A new trailer was released during halftime at the Super Bowl last week.  I'm tentatively excited, although it seems more action-based than psychology-based.  The inner workings of Bucky Barnes is definitely one of my favorite tropes to explore.  Also, Sam Wilson, brilliant counselor, continues to troll Bucky for some reason.

Nonetheless I'm excited and I wrote a quick little recap of the trailer, which you can read here (and watch the trailer for yourself!)  If Falcon and the Winter Soldier is half as good as WandaVision has been, I am THERE for it!

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