Friday, November 4, 2022

It's Jimmy!

 Hello, blog!  It's been a minute since our last update, because I've been pretty involved with work, as well as my family. 

Somehow, I entirely forgot to mention that I acquired a new dog back in April.  His name is Jimmy Parker, and he is not what I would call an attractive dog.

The manner in which we acquired Jimmy Parker was a typical one: we decided we needed a second dog, and went to the local animal shelter to find one.

Seamus passed away at the ripe old age of 16.5 last November, and for months, we've found ourselves saying, "Time to walk the dogs!"  But there's only one dog, Ruby, and it felt off.

So we decided to seek out a new companion, and we quickly picked out a lovely white-and-blue pitbull named Potter.

Readers with a keen eye might note that Jimmy is not named Potter, nor is he a lovely white-and-blue pitbull mix.

See, when we went to the shelter to meet up with Potter and make sure that Ruby and Potter got along well, we were told that Potter's foster family had had some kind of unexpected emergency and was unable to come meet us.  However, there was ANOTHER dog they thought would be an excellent match.  We'd seen Jimmy at the same adoption event as Potter, and when he was first espied, Andrew had exclaimed, "Ohh, who's this?"  With his single gold snaggle tooth and general aura of silliness, it's hard not to notice Jimmy's whole "goblincore" aesthetic.

Jimmy came hobbling out, and we knew pretty much immediately he'd be coming home with us.

Originally, we were told that Jimmy Parker is a chihuahua, but as he filled out, we realized he is, in fact, mostly miniature pinscher, a dog breed I have never had any interest in obtaining because of their neurotic littleness.  But Jimmy is "one of the good ones" and he's got a ton of personality, and he also allowed me to dress him up as a Ghost Buster for the Spooky Puppy Halloween costume contest at Temescal Brewery, which says a lot about the kind of bullshit he's willing to tolerate.  

He didn't win the contest, but he certainly won our hearts.  So, good job, Jimmy, you ugly little goblin.  Here's to many fine years ahead!

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