Saturday, December 9, 2023

Here Today, Con Tomorrow: The Cons I've Been To (And Not Been To) This Month

When I last updated this blog, it was about my ongoing dislike for Pete the Cat.

I still don't like Pete the Cat very much, which is just too bad for me, because my kid remains very much in love with him.  He went as Pete the Cat for Halloween and drove almost an hour to San Ramon to meet Pete the Cat in person (in cat, anyway).

At the San Ramon book fair, Pete the Cat was a dancing ball of furry blue energy, and Calvin was delighted to meet him.


He was even more delighted when Pete the Cat offered him a special, exclusive backstage tour.

In case you're wondering why I was okay with my preschool-aged son going into a private backstage area with some sweaty dude in a mascot uniform, it's because that sweaty dude was me.  It was me.  I was Pete the Cat.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

While I might not harbor any major love for Pete, I do love costuming, and it's hard to say no to a paid gig that also helps encourage literacy.

I needed the money for San Francisco Fan Expo, the biggest and most local Con for me here in the Bay Area.  It's not necessarily my favorite (L.A. Comic Con will always be my one true love... foreshadowing...) but S.F. Fan Expo was conveniently a week before L.A. Comic Con, allowing me to test out my latest and greatest cosplay: Spider-Man!


I've always wanted to do a Spider-Man.  In particular I wanted to do Homecoming Spider-Man.  I'm only six years late, so, not bad!  This is definitely one of my best true-to-the-cinematic-universe fits, and it was relatively comfortable considering the limited visibility.  Among the major advantages were allowing a backpack to be part of the costume.

"Aunt May, can you drop me off at the convention center?"

My Con started a little rough when I was unable to locate the entrance to the convention center and just wandered around San Francisco anxiously, dressed as Spider-Man, although a lady did slip me $5 after asking me to take a picture with her kid.

Once inside I discovered I'd missed the Marvel photoshoot meet-up, which was a disappointment.  But things got better when I met up with some old friends.  (Remember this guy?!)  Also, unlike last time time I went, I did not get lost on public transit.  And no one really bats an eye when they see Spider-Man taking the subway with a take-out container, either.

Andy snapped this when he came to pick me up from the train station.

Honestly kinda captures the whole essence of Spider-Man.

Overall it wasn't the best Con, but I did feel immensely validated by everyone asking for pictures.  I finally got to join a "Spider-Man Pointing" circle (long-time dream of mine), and I was really surprised at everyone's enthusiasm for seeing Spider-Man.  There's always like, about 100 Spider-Mans (Men?) at every Con, but that does not dampen anyone's enthusiasm for seeing Spider-Man.  

Except J. Jonah Jameson.

With my new cosplay, I finally felt I had the credentials to submit an application for The Avengers Initiative, and I can't wait to dip my toes into that in the coming year!  (You might remember them from an article I wrote about Causeplay a few years ago.)

Unfortunately, during the week following the Con, I developed fever and chills.  And being a responsible adult who cares about the well-being of others, I took a Covid test before embarking on my trip to Los Angeles.  And it was a good thing I did, because, what do you know, I had contracted Covid at the convention.  Instead of going to L.A. Comic Con, I spent the week in bed with the typical cough, chills, fatigue, and soreness we've all come to associate with the 'rona.

 Artist's depiction.

I was out the ticket, but I couldn't justify going to a large, crowded event while sick.  So I stayed home.  Because with great power comes great responsibility!

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