Tuesday, December 11, 2012

African Sleeping Sickness?

I think I might have African Sleeping Sickness.  Yesterday I slept 16 hours and missed all of my classes, plus work.  Today I slept 14 hours and was late for work.  Fortunately I had already called in over the weekend because I sprained my back, so it wasn't a big deal, but missing class is fairly unacceptable, especially in the week before finals, when they're reviewing everything that'll be on the cumulative exams.

(This is me at every review session, ever.)

I think this is either some sort of horrific degenerative disease (I have my fingers crossed!) or it's just a really hardcore case of senioritis.  My senior doesn't look very inflamed, but you never know.  I feel like everything's in order and I don't have much to get up for; I'm just telling time flow around me like a stream and waiting for the future, when I go to California.  I'm trying not to be too hopeful.  This isn't going to make everything in my life magically better.  Actually everything will be about the same except I'll have a support network (that is, Jack and Andy).  And maybe a little more money since I'll have my degree and be able to get a real job, as opposed to my working-nights-at-UniMart or sitting-at-my-desk-pretending-to-look-busy type of job.  Those are the worst.  I need a job where I feel like I'm accomplishing something that's not just occupying space and time and getting money; something where I can say, "Look at the difference I've made!"  And not just referring to the break room microwave catching on fire.

(My God, they have a stock image for everything.)

Okay, I just looked up African Sleeping Sickness and the symptoms are WedMD-style vague ("fever, aches..."), but since I don't think I've been exposed to any tsetse flies recently I probably don't have it.  That's a real bummer, sort of.  I'm all about weird gross parasite infections.  (Biiioloooooogist!)  Oh my God, one of the actual symptoms is called "Winterbottom's sign."  Ha ha!  Wacky disease naming people.  You'd think they'd take this shit seriously.

Anyway, speaking of disease, I should probably go study up on Becker's and Duchenne's for my genetics final before more sleepiness hits me.  Sorry this post was terribly uninformative, Blog.  Next post will be fun and hilarious, I promise.

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