Friday, December 14, 2012

Graduation Approaches

Just attended my last class at Penn State, ever.  Just bought my graduation robe, too.  I got the money from my office; they threw me a going-away shindig and they all signed a Christmas card and pooled money together to put it in.  I felt really bad considering I came in late after Carlisle had a petit mal seizure.  That was awfully nice of them.

Anyway, now it's just a matter of studying.  I'm most worried about my plant physiology class (Biol. 441, as Penn State has cheekily named it).  I need the book to study but I have to sell the book quickly or the student bookstore won't take it since they have a limit on buy-backs.

Today's my last day in the office; tomorrow is my last day at the clinic; Saturday night is my last shift at UniMart.  (Thank God.)  I'll probably spend the next two overnights at UniMart studying and writing up a study guide, and sell my book Saturday.

I think my overall feelings on all this can be summarised as follows:

But this doesn't entirely capture my fear and dread of starting over again, of everything being all new and therefore unknown, of the creeping anxiety and paranoia that tends to be inherent to moves of this magnitude.

Next week I'm going to Centralia, PA to see the sights.  Sort of an early graduation present to myself, I guess.

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