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Old Business: 2014 (In Which I Dress Up in Silly Outfits Quite Often)

Today we're going to take a peek into the not-so-distant past of this same year and catch up on some of the adventures I've had.  I've been putting this off and it's been preventing me from updating more regularly.

I'm 99 days sober today and I've found that staying busy and having things to look forward has really helped out.  

Without further ado, here's some highlights of my year in photo form (February through present):


Last Valentine's Day, Andrew took me to see Lady and the Tramp in theatres.  This year was my turn, so I took him to a spa day.  Neither of us have ever been so it was a real experience.  It was a special ($100 for a couple's hour-long massage).  What no one tells you is that massages include other stuff.  No, not happy endings.  They had us put on robes, wash our feet, make you tea, et cetera.  I was worried that it was all going to cost more, but nope.  $100 flat.  A great deal.

I did not enjoy the foot part.

Also on February, we went to Sin in the City.  To keep this blog family-friendly I won't go into too much detail.  Suffice to say it's called Sin in the City for a reason; our friend Ann was giving a presentation and invited us, and we'd never been to Las Vegas, so we went for the week and had a great time.  It was a leather convention but friendly towards petplay.

This is what leather petplay looks like.  

My favourite sign in Vegas.  This sums up the entire city excellently.

We stayed at the Gold Coast Casino.  I've only gambled once in my life.  I put $100 on red and won.  It was exciting, moreso because it was a low-stakes table and the minimum bet was only $1.  When I put down the money everyone else bet on red too and they all freaked out when we won!  I can see the appeal of gambling but I've not gambled at all since.


Not much going on here, though we went to a few parties, two of which were sort of fairie-themed due to the Vernal Equinox.

 I went as a dryad.  Real leaves!


The semi-annual Fox Hunt was this year, a great excuse to go camping.  I accidentally picked up a rattlesnake.

Here I am poking it.  I am not smart.


May is a big birthday month for us (both me and the twins').  Mine was an unmitigated disaster, while the twins' went off nicely.  Also in May was DomCon, a convention here in Los Angeles.  I won Best in Show at the Pet Awards.  (Terrifying NSFL pictures to come!)  Jack wasn't able to attend.

Here's some eye bleach instead.

I passed my AALAS LAT test and I'm going to take LATG hopefully before the end of this year.  (LATG is the highest level of certification.)  Work is going well though it can be stressful sometimes, with long hours.

Sometimes it feels like this.


Masqurade Ball, ample amount of D&D playing, a conference for work, and a trip to La Jolla to support Jack while he donated bone marrow.  Nowadays you can donate via stem cells in your blood so it's much less invasive.  You can sign up to save lives at  We also had lots of camping and beach trips.  Andrew and I had a fantastic date night to see Pretty Things Peep Show, which I will always recommend to those who like burlesque and showmanship.

We took Seamus on a camping trip and got him so tired he was able to go off-lead.

The boys took up spear fishing.  I was going to post a picture of Jack & I next to the fish he caught, 
but he's only wearing a Speedo and I thought I'd spare you.

Pretty Things Peep Show is one of the best shows I've seen.  This was my third time.


We went hiking in Eaton Canyon and then relaxed by going to a timeshare presentation.  It wasn't at all as bad as people say, and we got a vacation to Hawaii out of it (this coming May!) so yeah, I'd recommend it.  We also marched in the San Diego Pride Parade.

I found a lizard.

Also the boys and I had an accientally perfect day.  We went to the beach for diving, The Vegan Joint for lunch, the Museum of Jurassic Technology (just as weird as it sounds), and had a night in watching movies that evening.  Here's a picture from the Perfect Day, in front of the museum:


Guardians of the Galaxy premiered.  Did my D&D group go in costume?  You bet your ass we did.

This is what D&D looks like.

I swear, the game is way cooler than it looks.

I wish the camera hadn't made us look all blue. These photos just don't do the finished products justice.

I also adopted a hedgehog with cancer because animals.  Wondering what that looks like?  Behold:

Since this photoset, her mammary mass has been removed.  I was able to get it to the pathologist at City of Hope and it was diagnosed as a malignant mammary carcinoma.  Kali's gotten a Deslorelin implant, which basically stops her body from releasing GnRH hormones.  These hormones trigger the release of estrogen, which can help mammary tumours to grow.  So far she's doing okay and her mass hasn't grown back so we think the implant is working.  Science!

Andy mastered out of his Ph.D program and got his last paycheck this month.  It was a huge fiasco with his adviser, who'd been having an ongoing breakdown during his time there.  We recently found out she passed out (presumably a suicide).  I felt bad for her, because there but for the grace of God go I.  Andrew has since started a new job as a lab manager at Cedars-Sinai this November.  We got through his period of unemployment without too much trouble.


We went to Vegas again!

 Met a living statue.  Too cool.

 I bought over $100 worth of candy.  Filled up a designer purse with it.  
The purse is covered in My Little Ponies.  SHUT UP, I'M AN ADULT.

We went to a buffet and Andy challenged me to an eating contest.

...the aftermath.

Also it was our friend Ann's birthday and when we went out to dinner with her, we surprised her with a home-made cake.  My idea, Andrew's creation.  It went off without a hitch!


We had a nice date to the Tar Pits.  They were... well... the pits.  

We went to Festival Supreme to see Dethklok in concert.  There were a lot of music and comedy acts, as well as a weird little Halloween circus and a very fancy puppy show.

This is what it looks like if Dipper and Mabel went to a mosh pit.

We accidentally adopted a puppy I found on the streets.  We put up fliers but no one responded, and after dropping a ton of money on shots and worm treatments, well, I guess Ruby is here to stay.  She came right before Seamus's 9th birthday and ate too much cake.  Isn't it every orphan's dream to be adopted by someone who will let them eat cake until they're ill?

Banana for scale.


We went with Jack to BentCon, a gay comic convention.  We dressed as Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls, while Jack went as StarLord.  There were at least 2 other StarLords there.  We marched in the Palm Springs Pride Parade with the LAPCC, and ran a 5K this weekend for Be The Match.

Phew.  Well.  That about sums up our adventures this year.  Hopefully now I'll make shorter, more interesting, less picture-dependent posts.  Thanks for reading, folks, and see you soon!  Tomorrow is 100 days sober and I'm feelin' fine!

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