Saturday, May 23, 2015

This month, I dressed up, won stuff, and still own dogs.

I've had a very, very busy month which I'm happy to say is almost over.  Of course, my birthday is only six days away, so that's why I say "almost" over.

Before I get started, I believe I promised horseback riding pictures from Valentine's Day.  So here's one.  Combined with the single picture on the last entry, that technically meets the criteria for the plural, "pictures."

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Here's a quick run-down of my month (starting inexplicably with last month) so far:

Last month, I got roped in Ben and Cara's wedding.  It was a nice enough ceremony, though I didn't really want to be there.

Fortunately every weekend after that was jam-packed so I didn't have to dwell on it long.

We went camping the next weekend, and then had about a week to slap together some Avengers costume for the Avengers premiere.

D&D group...


The twins' birthday was the first week of May and I got us tickets to get in to The Magic Castle.  You can read the story here, as told by Andrew.

iAlbatross: Outsourcing stories to other blogs since 2013 or 2013, whenever I started blogging.

Then we had two dog shows in a row.  (Well, a show then practice then a show.)  (We won first in agility and racing in the first show, skipped practice because Kali died, and won Best in Show at the second show for tricks/obedience, plus Audience Choice Award.)

But on a serious note...

So here's what a "lure course" looks like.  This video is not of a competitive event; this is a just-for-fun, exercising-Seamus video.  Also we did not add the music... there was a Mexican family having an awesome birthday next to us and the music happened to sync perfectly with our dog's running.

He got tired and needed to be carried home.

Carlisle fell asleep in the car.  He didn't even run the course.

 And here's Seamus in a rare moment of not moving:

Speaking of shows, though, I wanted to post pictures of some ornaments I made back in January for the club!

That's right, I do stuff other than play Oblivion and correct people on Reddit!

Immediately following the show we did what my friend Ann calls a "turn and burn" and went to Vegas for a weekend, where I learned I loathe pedicures and Andrew lost his wallet.  He got it back, which means, by Vegas standards, he came out ahead.  But more about that next time, blog.  :)

Unless I decide to outsource that as well.

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