Wednesday, May 13, 2020

CALLED IT! An update on my late update, and on comic book adaptations

Hey, remember my post on April 27th about comic book series that are overdue for an adaptation?

Well, I just got word yesterday that one of them is now in production!

Behold, my godlike (but as of yet, still un-monetized) powers of prediction!  I am the Cassandra of entertainment culture: capable of knowing which franchises have potential but without any ability to capitalize on such predictions!

This week, please excuse a late post.  The usual Monday post will be up by tomorrow; Calvin is teething, I've recently given blood, and I spent last weekend posting the latest chapter of my Umbrella Academy prequel instead of working on my blog.  My current goal is to have this prequel series finished by June, making it canon-compliant.  Why the June cut-off?  Because, irony of ironies, the original creator realized everyone wanted a Klaus spin-off around the EXACT SAME TIME I DID, and he's also writing a prequel to be released around the same time.

...does anyone know if Nostradamus died penniless?  Asking for a friend.

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