Friday, February 4, 2022

Content Dump: Interview With A Really Cool Hawkeye Cosplayer

Last Friday I had a really fantastic interview with Trevor Newton, the Hawkeye cosplayer I met at L.A. Comic Con.

If you recall, this was the (sole) highlight of my time at L.A. Comic Con and it came at a really difficult time for me.  I had mentioned to Trevor I was an entertainment journalist and was interested in interviewing him, but then, with the move and everything else, I promptly forgot to reach out.

Later, on Facebook, I bumped into him (virtually) in a cosplay group, and he not only remembered me but asked if I was going to make good on my promise to reach out to him.  I took the invitation and we ended up talking for almost two hours.

Interviews are a love-hate format for me, because I struggle to tell another person's story in their words and to capture their voice in a way that honors them.  I was particularly stressed about this interview because of how gracious Trevor had been with his time and encouragement.  I ended up reaching out to one of my writing partners to take on the role of editor and help me polish the article up to something I wouldn't hate, and it turned out pretty good.

Despite feeling some burn-out, pushing myself to write and managing to grind out some halfway decent work leaves me feeling really fulfilled.

Shot In the Dark: Hawkeye Cosplayer Trevor Newton Stumbles Into The Spotlight

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