Friday, February 8, 2013

Dume, Doom, et cetera

So in Malibu there's apparently this place called Point Dume, which I regularly accidentally called Mount Doom or Point Dune, both of which, in my humble little nerd opinion, would be way cooler.

Pictured: Cool.
Not pictured: Carlisle's Batman: The Animated Series limited edition Joker shirt.
Although let's face it, the Joker is definitely among the coolest of all supervillians, barring Mr. Freeze from the running since we're talking colloqiually, not literally. 

Anyways, last weekend, Andrew took me there with the USC climbing club to do some gentle rock climbing.  This is only the second time I've ever been to the beach.  It was a relatively warm day and I was able to wear a bikini, although to be frank it wasn't terribly flattering.

I'll spare you... here's a head shot. 
Wait a second.  This is my blog.  Fuck you, reader.  

We hung out in the sun for a while ("we" referring to me specifically, since Andrew was scaling the cliff over and over like a damned spider monkey) and later hiked up the cliffside on one of the many paths that winds to the peak; we saw some sea lions off the coast, which was awesome.

Less awesome: when I said "I do," only to learn that my roommate didn't actually ask me to marry him and the "MARRY ME" written in the sand below was meant for someone else entirely.  Awkwardness ensued.

Anywho, we did a little climbing (I got 2/3rds of the way up before wanting to shit  myself in terror!) and also saw dolphins, although they were out at sea, not on the cliff.

...lazy bastards.

Everyone there was a lot of fun and I was able to talk to them without freaking out.  (Go me!)  They were really low-key and even though it was a big group and I didn't know anyone, I had a great time.

 Once again, a picture whose awesomeness exceeds the physical boundaries of my blog's poorly written code.

At the end of the day we went to R.E.I. in Santa Monica to check out some gear (climbing shoes, mostly, though one guy needed a tent for God only knows what); we got home about a half hour later than we would have liked, exhausted but pleased with what a perfect day it's been.  Then Jack called and wanted us to hang out with us, and proceeded to get pissy when we said we couldn't come.

Speaking of Jack being pissy, we had dinner at his place, along with two of his friends, Anita and Jay.  Both of them are cool and seem like the sort of people I could actually be friends with.  (Two optimistic statements about people in one blog entry?  I must be losing my mind!)  But Jack ignored me all night for some reason fathomable only to him, and I ended up feeling anxious, drinking too much, and going to sleep on the sofa.  We're been snippy with each other ever since; Jack thinks I owe him an apology and vice versa.  (I already gave mine, but I'm still a little furious with him over the whole thing.  The idea of giving your alcoholic best friend with abandonment issues and social anxiety the cold shoulder while forcing her to hang out with strangers and then getting mad at her for drinking is so ironic that it wouldn't be allowed in an SNL skit for being "too obvious.")

I seriously don't think this is me because we've been to a few other parties and dinner soirées and get-togethers and shindigs and even a bruhaha or two since I came here and I haven't had ANY trouble except when Jack is around and acting like a tool.

 We had a great time at the White Trash Party, for example.

This is how you have fun, right guys?  Guys?  ...guys?

Anyways, time will smooth things out, I hope, because I loathe drama almost as much as I loathe it when I'm trying to finish this sentence and can't think of anything I loathe enough to make a humourous comparison.

In the meantime I have FINALLY been offered a job.  It's for a fundraising consultant for charity and, okay, it's like ONE step above being a canvasser, but the pay is good and the benefits are better and it's a step in the right direction and better than nothing so I'll take it.  Getting out of the house and over this ennui will probably go a long way toward curing my animosity toward Jack; as much as I like going to parties, I really need some structure in my life and I think ANY job will make a world of difference.

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