Monday, February 18, 2013

Dead Ends

Another week by.  I have been in California for over 6 weeks and in that time filled out over 200 applications.  I have had only one interview with the Science Center (which has not called me back) (I don't include group interviews, of which I've had two, and one outright job offer, for which the pay was so little and the commute so long it wasn't worth it).

Oh, and that canvassing job I got offered a position at?  Well, they never returned any of my calls at all.  I'm starting to wonder if it was a scam or something.  I don't have Brandon's contact info so I have no way of asking him, either.  Is my identity being stolen?  Probably not, and if so, they can have it.  I'm not sure they'll like it much.  Still, it's irritating to be offered false hope.  What gives?  If you want people to treat you professional, you can start by not jerking around applicants and potential supporters.  I knew it seemed too good to be true.  Let the record show that I am extremely disappointed in Public Outreach, I suspect they might be a scam, and also they lost both any chance of a donation from me along with what could have been their best damn employee ever.

Employee?  More like EX-ployee!  Ziiiing!

All things considered, I am not feeling as discouraged as perhaps I should be.  At the end of the day, there is always the option of omitting my college degree from my resume and applying to Subway.

Damn it, why won't they return my calls?

Over the weekend, Andrew went camping with Jack and I stayed in.  Luckily, Mick was in town and we hung out some; we went to the Grove and I got new sunglasses, and on Sunday we visited Santa Monica beach.  But if it weren't for Mick... well, I need to make my own friends.  Andrew is undoubtedly getting a bit sick of towing me everywhere and I feel like a burden, and most of his friends are also Jack's friends, and I can't hang out with any of them without making an ass of myself.  Also, how come I'm expected to forgive Jack for being an asshole when no one's going about forgiving me for the same?  Seems a bit unfair to me.

Things between Jack and I are still tense.  I don't know why I'm expected to be his friend.  No friendship = no drama.  No drama?  No problem.  I prefer it this way, anyway.  Then again, on Sunday, there was a very interesting and unsettlingly relevant sermon about how you shouldn't hold grudges or vow never to forgive someone even if they're wronged you, be that wrong intentional or unintentional.  On one hand, I don't know how I'm supposed to not be angry, or to trust someone who says hateful things to me ever again.  On the other hand, it's very difficult not to take the advice of a saxophone-playing priest.

This was the best Google had to offer when I searched for "saxophone priest."

I have decided that, job or no job, I am going to enter the vet tech program come April.  Anything is better than stagnating, and there are lots of vet tech jobs.  Actually, looking for jobs with my biology degree and animal care background, I keep stumbling over them, like they're taunting me.  Being in a program and/or having a job is a way to make friends.  I wish the program started earlier than April, but at least this gives me more time to fruitlessly search for jobs I'm totally qualified for (and won't ever be hired for, inexplicably).  Le sigh.

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